Event Recap

University of Wisconsin Homecoming

Oct 9, 2023

Madison, WI

It was Homecoming week at The University of Wisconsin Madison! The Central Midwest Cruiser was onsite to fuel Badger fans on before the big game. The morning started off cool and crisp and a little slow for the Dunkin Team. In no time, the sun was up, and things were rocking.

Fans were able to so sample Dunkin’s Iced Original Blend, Iced Pumpkin Spice, and Cream and Sugar Blend. Pumpkin Spice was the flavor of the day with fans preferring it almost 2 to 1! We were able to serve the football team, the band and even the cheerleaders. The Dunkin Team served over 2000 samples is just 3 hours!

In the end, the Badgers were able to pull off a 24-13 win over Rutgers University… Rumor has it, it was the Iced Coffee!

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