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Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit, MI What goes with reading a book? Iced coffees, of course! Many patrons came holding a deep love for reading, some spoke on ...

Melanin in May Festival

Indianapolis, IN

The Central Midwest Cruiser next stopped by the Melanin in May festival.  Described by found Domininc Dorey as, “A Spring festival celebrating every shade of excellence!”

This unique and family friendly festival brought together vendors and resoucres from all walks of life for an afternoon of fun and community building.  The Dunkin’ team was onsite serving free samples and free smiles!  

Attendees had the opportunity to sample Dunkin’s Strawberry Dragonfruit Lemonade Refreshers, as well as several flavors of Dunkin Iced Coffee: Original Blend, Cream and Sugar and our newest offering Blueberry Donut!

Team Dunkin served over 575 samples with the Strawberry Dragonfruit Lemonade refrresher being the favorite of day! 

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