Event Recap

Indiana Peony Festival

Noblesville, IN

The Peony, more than just a pretty flower, it’s the official state flower of Indiana.  Now in it’s 4th year, the Central Midwest Cruiser was onsite at the Indiana Peony Festival to celebrate all things Peony!

With a new store opening in town on Monday, the Cruiser was just in time to help spread the word to the residents of Noblesville! Word traveled quickly, and the Cruiser was an immediate hit!

Festival-goers were treated to 3 flavors of Iced Coffee: Original, Cream & Sugar blend, and Churro.  Attendees were also able to sample Sparkd’ Berry Burst.  

 The Dunkin team was busy the entire day, serving over 1400 samples!  The Iced Churro was the overwhemling favorite, but many people raved about Sparkd’ Berry Burst as well.


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