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Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit, MI What goes with reading a book? Iced coffees, of course! Many patrons came holding a deep love for reading, some spoke on ...

Dunkin’ to Victory (Park)

Youngstown, OH

Celebrating Independence Day with fireworks and delicious beverages. Our patrons enjoyed live music, dog shows, a petting zoo and water show on the lake! ¬†We sampled our Original Blend, Butter Pecan, and Blueberry Donut iced coffees. Satisfying the caffeine loving patrons as fireworks covered the skies and their hearts. Patron’s enjoyed family oriented activities throughout the park.


Noting patrons loved the Butter Pecan but also stated that they wished for refreshers. One customer mentioned the Blueberry Donut flavored iced coffee tasted just like Dunkin’s Blueberry donuts! We gave away 300 samples.








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