Event Recap

Dousman Farmer’s Market

Dousman, WI

The Central Midwest Cruiser pulled in to the Village of Dousman, sportingly referred to by some as “Bullfrog Station” because of surrounding bogs and marshes, for their local farmers Market. The weather was perfect, the produce was fresh, and the Iced Coffee was free!

The Cruiser was perfectly situated at the front of the market drawing in regulars and passerbyes. We heard from a few attendees that they came specifically for the Dunkin Cruiser after seeing it posted on Facebook! The Dunkin’ team served up samples of our Iced Cream and Sugar blend, Iced Pumpkin Spice, and our Iced Original blend. It seemed as if every was in the fall spirit, with attendees opting for Pumpkin Spice in large numbers. We served 420 samples and converted a few new people to Iced Coffee drinkers!

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