Event Recap

Concert At The Gazebo

Sep 28, 2023

Carmel, IN

Picture it: The stage was set, the crowd had begun to gather, and then, the clouds rolled in! That was the scene as the Central Midwest Cruiser pulled in Carmel’s Fountain Square for the Concert At The Gazebo event. The call was made to move things indoors, where the Carmel Fire Department was gracious enough to host us inside the firehouse.

While a very cool venuel, Team Dunkin’ was forced to improvise! We prepared trays of our Iced Coffee samples and took them inside to serve concert goers. It was a hit! Guests were able to sample our Iced Original Blend, Cream and Sugar Blend, and our Iced Pumpkin Spice. The team also handed out Dunkin’ ponchos to some very grateful guests! We served over 400 samples, including the entire Carmel Fire Department!

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