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Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit Festival of Books

Detroit, MI What goes with reading a book? Iced coffees, of course! Many patrons came holding a deep love for reading, some spoke on ...

Beaver Dam Farmer’s Market

Beaver Dam, WI

Beaver Dam Wisconsin, big city attractions with small city charm. The CMW stopped through the local farmer’s market with hot samples of Dunkin’ coffee on a cool summer morning.

The Dunkin’ team was the bright spot in an otherwise gloomy and rainy day.  The team served up warm samples of Dunkin’s Original blend as well as Cream and Sugar.  Market-goers were also able to try Dunkin’s Iced Blueberry Donut coffee, a hit with the curious and conneisseurs alike!

Even with the rain the Dunkin’ team managed to serve 180 samples to those brave enough to face the elements.

Beaver Dam Runs on Dunkin! 


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